Are You a Prey of Social Media Addiction?

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Are you a prey of social media addiction?

The use of social media, for example, Twitter, Facebook Instagram, Snapchat has become the foundation of current lifestyle and association as it permits people unparalleled freedom over their lives. SixDegrees was the first social networking website launched in 1997 followed by several social media apps and websites. The acclaimed social networking website Facebook was launched in 2004. After two decades since the launch of first social networking website at present approximately 3.4 billion people use social media actively at a global level and there are 37 million active users of social media in Pakistan. Because of easy availability and affordability of internet and smartphones this count is increasing at a very fast pace. In any case, as the pattern of those getting to the web and being user to social media increments, so does the danger of building up a scope of mental issues.

5 signs to tell if you are addicted to social media

These are the five signs which you should use for self-observation to tell if you are facing the social media addiction or not.

1) Your mood gets distressed when You cannot access Social Media

Have you ever felt torment in your stomach when your Wi-Fi is slacking? Do you watch the clock during an update sitting tight for the application to be accessible? This is an indication of reliance, much the same as the hankering sensation you would feel before your exam result. At the point when your requirement for online media turns into this solid, it’s an ideal opportunity to reevaluate how you’re investing your energy.


2) Your work is getting affected by social media usage

If during your work or study time, you have a continuous urge to look at your phone after every notification and after doing a small portion of work you revert back to your phone, then this urge of checking your phone is wasting a lot of your time and you cannot concentrate on what you are doing. Every time a notification pops on your phone, your brain releases a small amount of dopamine which is also known as happy chemical and it makes you feel rewarded. The same phenomenon happens with other addictions like gambling, smoking etc. If you are at this stage ask yourself that whether checking a notification matters or concentration in your work, which will actually reward you.

3) You are worried about likes on your post

After posting something, you continuously monitor your phone and you are worried about getting likes on your post. Do You refresh your app again and again to see if the like count increased or not? Have you ever requested a friend to like or comment on your post? If the answer to these questions is a Yes then you should change the way you use social media. There isn’t anything harmful with needing to be loved, yet there should be an equity of self-esteem and assigned-esteem. Self-esteem ought to consistently outweigh everything else in light of the fact that your point of view of a post is the main thing not the likes.

4) Your day starts and ends by using phone

If after waking up in the morning, the first thing you do is to check your phone and notification and you stop using social media just before going to sleep then it shows that social media has high priority in your life. It not only wastes your time but also effects your health. Doctor’s advice to stop using phone at least thirty minutes before sleeping for the healthy sleeping routine.


5) Your family and friends complain that you seem “Distant”

If you use your phone at the dining table while having food with your family, and your parents often forbade you from using the phone then this means you are giving more importance to social media than your family. While you are out with your friends you are using your phone now and then and your attention is with your phone and your friends complain about this attitude then you should ponder where social media is taking you.


Strategies to get freedom from addiction of Social Media

If you don’t have the above symptoms then congratulations, but if you are facing the drawbacks of social media addiction, don’t worry following strategies will help you in tackling this predicament:

1) Limit your time on social media

First of all, monitor your usage of social media and then decide how much time you can spend on social media that will not affect your other routine. Follow that timeline strictly.If you have less self-control then install apps like: Anti-Social, Social Fever etc. These apps will help you in managing your time on social media.


2) Turn off notifications f your phone

Notifications are a continuous source of distraction. When notifications of your phone don’t disturb you, then you can focus on what you are doing and you can become productive in whatever you are doing. And other perk of turning notifications off is that they will gather, and when you will see them you will get more excited at once rather than in chunks.


3) Spend more time on other hobbies

Try to fill up your free time with any hobby e.g. reading, gardening, playing etc. Learn new skills or new languages. Do something you always wanted to do but couldn’t because of time. In a nutshell, spend time on activities that makes you stay away from your phone.

4) Spend more time with friends and family

Instead of wasting your time by following your friends on social media, get up and visit your friends and go for outing with your friends and when you are among friends make rule that the friend who will use phone more will have to pay for food. Give your time to your family help your parents in daily errands. Help your siblings in doing work, play with them, spend quality time with them.


5) Focus on your goals

You should prioritize your life and you should have long-term and short-term goals. Make a strategy to achieve your goals, follow the strategy strictly and don’t let social media come in between you and your goal. Always stay determined you can achieve anything if you have a strong will.

To sum up, social media addiction is hampering the progress of many people by wasting their time. Youth is the most effected segment of this peril. However, by adopting above habits this addiction can be defeated.


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