Globalization and Racism

January 17, 2021 social 156

Globalization Proves ‘Still’ Existence of Racism!

A question remains the same, what could be the possibility to become one? Without any sort of magical supernatural forces? When will the superiority get to an end?

Globalization or Prejudice expands and along with it inequality comes in shape. Inequality forms racial bias, isolations, and advanced xenophobic tendencies. All these phenomenons then shape a word known as “ Racism”. Racism has always been a tool for exploitation and discrimination.

The term Globalization itself has gone into racism for the world’s developmental stage countries or for poor countries. It’s now main attendant concern is to point out poverty, poorness, and inequality of the countries. The main concern should be how to create resources for poor countries and how to train their generation with an improved educational system. Infact, the purpose of globalization is to bring the reorganization on the national and international levels.

The main context in the topic of globalization is the Racial Discrimination. With the rapid increase of economic, and political values, it is getting increased day by day and becoming more unbearable for the low and middle class people.

Nowadays, if an example of immigrants, students, or workers is taken, they encounter a lot of hustles especially in the West. They have to follow hard policies of living abroad notably if a person belongs to an under-development or a poor country, it becomes a nightmare for that person to live in the richest part of the country and feels itself less than the others. They face innumerable types of challenges and criticisms often. They require additional struggles in order to succeed. 

Racial Bias is not hurting only adult lives but children lives as well. It’s not hurting their health only but it is destroying their chances of becoming a good and well-being person too. For example, if we pick children from African-black Americans, Hispanic Americans, Brown Asians, and so on, they have higher unemployment rates and very low incomes as compared to the white children. That really means that the white children have access to successful job opportunities, good health, and have access to student seats in college or universities. These disparities are undoubtedly increasing the “no rights” law for black or asian children especially.

A practical experiment with a child was conducted just to realize that racism born with generations or the known technique “ mind-dissolving” is working behind our generation’s mind?

A little girl aged 5 years old was brought two dolls. They were of different colors black and white. The difference was obvious and clear in  front of a normal person but when asked about what differences the dolls are having, she answered clothes! Again asked just to resolve the curiosity, she answered cap!

“Racism is not born but taught”.

Hence, it was proved that the mind-dissolving technique is somehow working and our generation is going towards the differences of wheatish, white, black, or yellow tone colors, the eye colors, the body figures, and much more. Racial discrimination has gone to this edge in this era that a person is judged by his cast, his race, his religion, religious values, his cultural values, his country, or even by his passport. The ethnocentric culture of globalisation is increasing and that is visible.

The question arises here: How globalization and racism both can be adjusted to run in a straight way for all equally?

This racial discrimination via globalization can be vanished after following Dr. Martin Luther’s rule: 

“Injustice for one person is injustice for all.” – Dr. Martin, Jr.

The fight against this can be won by learning and recognizing the privilege of your own is a key to begin dismantling the complex racial systems. A person who wants to fight with this ideology has to examine his own biases and should make him realize from where the discriminations have started originating. He should be open to discuss oppression and should not be afraid of getting or taking it wrong. The colorblind theory is a great way to deal with post-racial things. This theory also contributes a great part to eliminate racism by giving an idea of how a person should ignore the person’s identity and dismisses the real or true injustices.

Hence, a country, a society, and a media should adopt an intersectional approach in all aspects for each and every person regardless of his race, culture, religion, or color. To demean each other will not result in lowering the ratio of racial-bias.

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