Impression of Internet On Our Society

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Now days no area of the world is untouched by the Internet. It has made human life extraordinarily easy, simple and proximate to information. Whether children or the elderly, everyone is using the Internet according to their needs, but those who use it exceedingly should know about its benefits as well as its after effects. Profits of the Internet: The Internet has innumerable benefits that’s why everyone is found using the Internet today, some of the benefits of the Internet are as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The Lotting of Information: Due to the Internet, many social media sites have been composed, due to which a person sitting in any corner of the world can make voice messages, voice calls, video calls, emails, etc. in just a few seconds. These electronic messages can also carry any type of data file. Online Bills can be Funded in Seconds: Now, there is no need to go to the office or any institution physically to pay the bills because, through the internet, credit cards and internet banking, this goal can be achieved sitting at home easily. All types of bills such as electricity bills, water bills, EMIs, installations, TV or mobile phone recharge can easily be settled including the one for online shopping as well. Expediting the Corporate Sector: In Corporate sector, Company's all documentation & work is directly dependant on their software system which created through Internet aswell. Apart from this, most of the companies related to conveying, commercializing etc. work through the Internet. The Flourishing E-Commerce: The e-commerce sector or online shopping websites are on heightening through the Internet. Now a days, due to many online shopping websites, people are purchasing and selling goods sitting at home. At the same time, they are routing gifts to their close friends and relatives. Due to many such fantastic facilities and schemes, people are grabbed towards it and are shopping online to a great extent. Means of Entertainment: In this Technologically Advanced World, the Internet is a widely used as a way for entertainment. With the Availability of the Internet, we can watch our Favourite movies, listen to famous songs & watch informative videos or talk to our friends on different social media applications in the our leisure time. 6. 7. Elevation of Indoor Games through the Internet: Many online games, applications and indoor games have received upgrade through the Internet. Most people like to play these games in free time to strike out from their mental fatigue in this run-of-the-mill life, while some people play such games on an amateur basis. Online Jobs: Many Unemployed or Young Teenagers have got Job opportunities with the access of internet. Online Jobs includes Blogging, Freelance, Data analysis, Editing Skills, Transcriptionist etc. These Jobs are mostly done by people who want to work from home. Defects of the Internet: 1. While there are benefits from the Internet, there are also some disadvantages which are as follows: Waste of Time: In addition to their work on the internet, people continue to watch videos etc. for long time and they spend time in Research about their favourite topic. Due to which they are not able to make use of the time, and/or finish their important work. 2. 3. 4. 5. Internet Expenses: It is good to use the Internet for the demands, but today’s youth are mostly using the internet for entertainment, which has increased their needless expenses. Promotion of Brutal Activities like cybercrime: Through the Internet, information or any media content can be viral in just a few seconds, while many people are using it erroneously, uploading pornographic videos. There are numerous websites which are having wrong slam on children.Apart from this, the Internet is promoting all the vicious activities including fraud, theft and account hacking and personal information going aggressive. Impact on Health: The human being of the Internet has become such busy that today, he remains active on social media sites, games apps all the time and sticks to computers and mobiles because of which the eyes are going to have a unacceptable effect. Along with this, many physical problems are increasing, including weight gain, leg pain, mental stress and back pain. Exploitation, Pornography & Violent Images: The Presence of Internet has made Communication faster as compared to the past. That is why people exploit and take unfair superiority by misrepresenting any of their enemies or who they want to malign. Number of websites on internet are present which holds improper things because of which children in growing stage are learning about bad/wrong things. 6. Identity Theft, Hacking, Viruses & Fraud: About Most of the applications on which we register our account, they sell or misuse our Personal Information. People can Hack your Important Personal Information with Access to Internet. People lost alot of money because of a ransomware attack which came on many computers around the world. Viruses can come to your laptops & phones from the Internet itself unexpectedly because of using it without installing a strong antivirus protection. Internet Article: There is no doubt that human beings have got numerous facilities on the internet. Life is becoming very simple due to technological advancement, however it has a negative effect on our health because of immoderate & imprecise use of it, so it is important to operate the Internet in the correct manner & way

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