How to Deal with Stress Effectively

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One of the most pressing issues pertaining to health in the contemporary era is mental health, yet it is not treated as a health problem in the Pakistani culture. Most of the people don’t even know that they are experiencing stress and continue to face predicaments caused by it. Stress is not age bound and it can affect people from youth to elderly ages without any bias. Stress not only effects the brain of a person but also changes thoughts, behavior, feelings and causes physical pain the body. However, if the common symptoms of stress are known then it can be treated efficiently. As indicated by a research, it is estimated that 36 % of Pakistanis experience the ill effects of tension and stress, which is regularly brought about by stressed family and other relations, the sentiment of not fitting in the general public, the flimsy monetary and political states of the nation offering ascend to joblessness and underdevelopment. This rate has increased drastically during Covid-19, according to a research conducted by Agha Khan University, one in every three people in Pakistan is experiencing severe or moderate kind of stress. The alarming rise of stress in the public is a serious issue and needs immediate attention of government and media.

Firstly, it is imperative to know what are the common symptoms of stress in order to deal with it. According to WHO, following are the physical symptoms of stress:

  1. Headaches
  2. Neck & shoulder pain
  3. Backpain
  4. Upset stomach
  5. Not feeling hungry
  6. Lump in throat
  7. Heavy chest
  8. Tight muscles

If a person experience two or more above symptoms then he/she is probably experiencing a stress related issue.

Secondly, lets discuss what are the causes of stress. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) stress and depression is regularly brought about by a blend of physical, mental, and social elements. These are: A stressed family, poor food intake, having constant physical ailments like hypertension, diabetes and other diseases, rehashed presentation to extraordinary stressors like war, strife or catastrophic events, drug abuse, fast change in life circumstances like marriage, labor, loss of work or accomplice, encountering affliction and maltreatment in youth like early loss of parent(s) or non-responsive and non-invigorating child rearing, long haul challenges like money related issues, living as a minority, and marriage problems.

Thirdly, so far it is discussed what is stress and how it is caused now let's talk about how to cope with this complication. Following strategies should be followed to cope with stress effectively:

1) Enjoy Physical Activity

Upsetting circumstances increment the degree of stress hormones, for example, adrenaline and cortisol in the body. Physical exercise can be utilized as a substitute to use the extreme pressure hormones and reestablish your body and brain to a more quiet, more loosened up state. At the point when you feel pushed and tense, take a lively stroll in outside air. Attempt to join some physical action into your every day schedule consistently, either previously or after work.

2) Embrace Sleep

An absence of sleep is a critical reason for stress. Lamentably however, stress additionally interferes with our rest as contemplation continue spinning through our heads, preventing us from loosening up enough to sleep. Quit doing any intellectually requesting work a few hours before heading to sleep so you give your cerebrum time to quiet down. Try to take a bath or perusing a relaxing, undemanding book for a couple of moments to loosen up your body, tire your eyes and assist you with forgetting about the things that stress you.

3) Let Your Heart Out

Try to open up to someone you feel trustworthy. Talking can work by either diverting you from your upsetting contemplation or by exonerating the excess stress. Stress can cloud your judgment and keep you from seeing things plainly. Talking things through with a buddy, coworker, or doctor, can assist you with discovering answers for your pressure and put your issues into viewpoint.

4) Administer Yourself

Stress can be set off by a difficult problem that may on a superficial level appear to be difficult to explain. Figuring out how to discover answers for your issues will assist you with feeling more in charge along these lines bringing down your degree of stress.

5) Prioritize

Learn that you cannot make everyone happy, do not overburden yourself to please everyone in your circle. A person who tries to make everyone happy ends up being disappointed and sad himself. Try to prioritize people in your life according to the way they treat you.

6) Shun Expectations

Expectations when not met cause huge stress to a person. Try not to expect anything from anyone, it will save you from the disappointment if the expectation is not met and if the expectation is met than it will be a plus point.

7) Love Yourself

Self-love is extremely important for a healthy stress-free life.  Take care of yourself eat what you love and go to the places you like. Do what makes you happy, doing this you will forget about the issues in your life and will give you inner peace.

8) Do Good to Others

Help people in any way you can without any expectations in return. When you will do good to others it will return back to you in unexpected ways. Try to also treat those people good who doesn’t treat you good, try to forgive people. Do not hold grudges and bad feelings about people because it will only cause you stress.

9) Avoid Negativity

Negativity is the worst enemy of the peace of mind it causes huge stress to a person and destroys the personality of a person. You should try to find positivity in every situation of life. Try to stay away from negative people.

10) Improve Yourself

Do not compare yourself to anyone, everyone in this world is unique and have different circumstances. Your biggest competition is you try to improve yourself constantly. Learn new things and follow your hobbies to keep yourself busy.

In a nutshell, stress and depression are increasing at an alarming rate and effecting masses of all ages. Stress is harmful and hurts the person from within silently. Fortunately, by adopting the aforementioned habits it can be cured efficiently. Media should play its role in highlighting this menace and its adverse effects. Health authorities should also devise strategies to tackle this hazard.

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