Woeful Women of Pakistan

September 19, 2020 social 168

Woefully! Prior to this incident, I was living in a dilemma that married women or mothers of children have rare chances of being raped but I forgot that we are despondently living in a country where there are fewer humans more monsters, for whom age limit hardly exist. This calamity has just shaken our faiths in humanity which will never be restored.

Here I ask..Is this 220.9 million ratio is of humans in Pakistan? No certainly not! Because half of this population has beasts in disguise of humans. I wish we could have more ratios of animals in this country than humans because at least they have some humble core they will be your companions when you are facing any catastrophe.

This Motorway incident has just left every girl questioning their existence and now I realized that why every parent regrets when there is birth of a girl in any house. These culprits have made this belief more rigid and now every parent will refrain to have more daughters, this country would be densely populated with masculine gender.

Tracing back to inception of life of a man on this earth, in the race of 100 million sperms only one reaches to egg for fertilization and from here the achy journey of a mother starts. She tolerates that unease and restlessness just to  make her boy gets complete development of his limbs and whole body structure but it's highly devastating for me  that when these limbs which are created from his mother's womb when gets mature into strong muscles they use it against mother of another children to tear her body parts into  chunks.

I must elaborate that "Rape“ is not just intercourse without consent it's a trauma which lasts throughout life, it’s a guilt that built hollowness inside ,it's a scratching which is being  felt on body each and every time. Pakistan has already conventional mindset related women but it makes me more anxious that after this incident no any female would be able to drive alone, no any husband will offer freedom of speech to any women in their houses and every father would be terrified to send their daughters for further studies. But not only this, every women in this country are now living with that terror of being raped. Those thoughts have just subjugated our minds.

Since, I have heard about this incident I can't sleep even because you never knew at which time these butchers’ reaches to your doorsteps!

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