Pauline Owiti is a Professional Agronomist

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Pauline Owiti is a Professional agronomist and a social Entrepreneur with academic background on Agriculture and Human Ecology Extension,  Pauline ventured into social work and community development having volunteered in Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania where she saw the need of helping the community towards Poverty eradication through women and youth empowerment activities by agriculture.
Being on the fore front to help attain the Sustainable Development Goals, Pauline has worked hard and led different organizations working towards SDGs attainment.
Currently, she is the Director of SDGs African Youth Development Commission - Kenya, Peace ambassador at Global Peace Chain and Institute for Economics and Peace and Kenya Lead at Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary -
She was later selected as an advocate at Global Schools Program at the United Nations Sustainable Development Solution Network and also emerged as top 15 Finalist in 2019 Millennium Ocean Prize Awards.
Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary is a  policy aimed at declaring the Arctic Ocean an international peace park free from human activities and exploitation.
She said, I am also the Founder of The Polly Foundation an initiative that works towards educating the community about Sustainable development goals.
I have been doing community service since I was 9 years right from church as an Alter girl to community as a volunteer. I came from a family of 6 siblings 4 girls and 2 boys, we also stay with our cousins who we regard as our own. During my campus education I used to volunteer with red cross. I traveled to Rwanda for 4 months to volunteer with women and youth on ways to empower them on economic ways.
Later in 2018 I traveled to Dat es Salaam, Tanzania for another 4 months to work on education promotion in slum areas.
Upon completion I worked with different organizations as a community agent. And currently I was appointed as Youth Policy Advisory Council member with Sustainable Ocean Alliance. She said, I am looking forward to work as a diplomat representing my country in different places concerning international relations.

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