The Nigerian lady importing narcotics seized by Customs officials on Thursday

December 14, 2018 news 1561

Nigerian lady caught at Jinnah International Airport Karachi importing narcotics who's value is worth more than Rs 700 million

Around four (4) kilogrammes of hard drug ( heroin ) were found within the possession of a Nigerian lady who was travelling from Qatar. The narcotics were hidden in food cans.

Last week, the Anti-Narcotics Force had arrested 2 drug peddlers from Karachi’s Jodia Bazar. according to an official, one kilogramme of ice and around 1,000 tablets of ecstasy were recovered from their possession.

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The suspect were known as Niaz Muhammad and Kaleem Ullah. The approximate worth of the recovered drugs within the international market is Rs1.5 million.

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