Model Manisha Wrote a Poem on Corona

June 19, 2020 life style 463

My Name is Manisha From India Rajasthan currently living in Oman, Muscat, a Model actor.

This poem is based upon people's feelings during this pandemic

Yes, I want to live once again
Not with corona without it
I want to go through those streets of the city
Just needlessly
once again
I Want to meet my loved ones
Touching them affectionately
I Want to hear the bells of the temple again
And the prayer of the mosque,
And go to the church and the gurdwara
To have food in the langar
We forgot our simplicity but now we have to fly again in the open sky, with a new smile.
Not to be defeated, but to defeat corona
Whatever lesson Corona has taught us we do not have to forget it.
Not as God but just as a human with love, cleanliness, and holiness we have to make this earth like heaven
Because we all have to live once again

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  • Ali Asghar Bhutto
    June 19, 2020

    Ali Asghar Bhutto

    Wonderfully written. well, let's just hope that we endure this crisis as well.

  • Raaj's Click
    June 21, 2020

    Raaj's Click

    Amazing written poem. I really appreciate the poet We will free with Corona enjoy regularly life style.

  • June 21, 2020

    Wikram Das

    Well written poem on corona in this pandemic I really appreciate the poet for her kind words


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