Winter is coming: heat intensity to bend as grip of Siberian wind in Karachi

December 15, 2018 weather 684

The effects of Siberian winds can doubtless be visible from Friday and can increase step by step.


Chilly Siberian winds are expected to take over Karachi on the approaching weekend, discovered an update by Weather Updates karachi city.

“These winds might reach 30 to 35 kmph and gusting up to 45 to 55 kmph additionally bringing cold and dirty conditions,” the update browse.

According to the forecast, daytime temperatures might fluctuate between 22°C to 24°C, whereas nighttime temperatures are possible to drop as low as 9 to 12°C.

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However, according to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan meteorological Department, Karachi city shall receive cold winds from Quetta and therefore the temperature might drop as low as 9°C by December nineteen (19).

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