Why Pakistani Students Prefer Study In China

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China is an East Asia country that has rapidly developed during the few decades. It becomes one of the powerful economy and quality education countries, along with the wide area of its boundaries like the river, mountains, deserts, landscapes, grassland, and Lakes. The country has been investing in every sector that is actually attached to the economy and living standard of people while education has become the top priority set by the government there. As time went by, the economic superpower country is progressively mastering all over the advanced technology and ongoing along with the remarkable speed; even the improved standards of the universities have enabled these institutes to get entitled to the global top listed universities. That’s why the foreigners and Pakistani students enrolled with huge numbers in the Chinese universities for international studies by the reservation of China Southern Airlines. Therefore, Pakistan ranks as a 3rd in the term of the number of international candidates (approximately 28,023 Pakistani students) listed in the various education centers across China. In-fact, many Chinese institutions organized the facility of learning the Chinese language in the China and even in the abroad countries too including Pakistan. Let’s design the list of those most important chunks which make the curious of our country’s Alumni to go to China for getting further higher Education.

1. Pak & China Relation:

Pakistan and China country had very strong diplomatic relation even a few years ago both countries celebrate their long term friendship. They maintain closer coordination on international and regional issues of common concerns. China has always supported Pakistan’s development and implementation of anti-terrorism security strategy. China always welcomes Pakistanis and even it also plants the CPEC on the Gawadar port to improve the transport between both countries, to develop China and Pakistan's strategic partnership has won sincere support from both politicians and nations.

2. Scholarship:

Because of the friendly relationship and mutual understanding between both countries, Chinese government offering higher education on the Semi-funded and Fully-Funded scholarships for the multiple programs including; Bachelors, Masters, MPhil, and Ph.D. in several programs of Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Medical/ Biological Sciences, Business Education, Engineering and Technology to the Pakistani’s students. Pakistani students are fortunate because they get free education in top-ranking universities in China. Some of their famous scholarship programs include CAS-TWAS President’s Ph.D. Fellowship the program, Great Wall Program, Tsinghai University Doctoral Scholarship, and etc.

3. English Medium:

Pakistani students; especially prefer to China for further study because of the English medium. Yes for the convenience of the Pak students, the Chinese government organized English medium sessions, especially in medical studies. The fresher who did not learn the Chinese language in the beginner's days they can join English medium universities because Pakistani teacher hires there with strong skills and in the libraries of the universities also having all languages books especial in English language for the foreigners.. Their advanced methods of conveying lectures, online admission procedure and the quality of education have made these universities in the most organized.

4. Experiencing About The Economical Super-Power Country:

China state is the second-largest economic power in the world.  The youth generations are curious about its rising economical position in the world because it is famous as the hub of innovation and modern cities in the world. That’s why the majority of Pakistanis youth take Flights To China From Lahore to know about growing much faster in the trade, manufacturing and even in the investing point of view on the other states because it exceptionally embracing the new technologies and globalization.

5. Global Mindset:

To live dependently in the modern era, it is mandatory for every individual to develop a global mindset. The world turns into the Global Village that stepped in the world era of advancements and technologies. So, in this case, no one can stay in your bounded zone, to achieve your dreams step out from the boundaries and develop your mindset according to the global village. For this purpose, China is the best international country because of the nation of this country already famous for its smart thinking, productivity, and even beauty. After spending some time with the Chinese you can become great with a global mindset.

6. Employment:

The first thought that comes into the student’s mind is the JOB; it’s actually a fact, because parents also want their children to get an education in abroad with a part-time job. In this way, the student can afford their abroad expense; many countries don’t allow but the Chinese government provides many job opportunities along with the study.

The second scenario is, in Pakistan and other countries believe that the abroad degrees more authentic as form the domestic degree. Therefore, student prefers to approach Chinese education because china studies valid in all over the worlds due to the popularity of its better education system growing economic power.


There are a number of good reasons to study in China. The country has got a long and exciting history and rich culture, it is one of the top popular countries and the global village is using the products made in this country, where international students go to further study and learn modern things. It is providing diverse opportunities for International students from Pakistan and other countries, which attract record-breaking number students from about 180 different countries of the entire world because of Educational institutes offer both degree and non-degree programs.

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