Travel Guide To Asia Everything You Need To Know About Asia

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Asia is the largest continent in the world. There are many countries in Asia. It shares border with Afro-Eurasian region. This domain has the total region which is 44, 579, 000 sq km. 30% of the land area is covered by Asia. Many civilizations started living in Asia and it becomes the first component of the human progress. Total 60% of the human population lives in Asia. It has a geographical border with Europe and these events have taken place in ancient time period. Europe represent west while Asia mainly represents the countries of the East. There are different kinds of language differences between the two continents. Suez Canal mainly forms the boundary between Africa and Asia. Caucasus Mountains, Caspian Sea and Black Sea form the border between Asia and Europe. China and India proves to be largest economies in Asia. China has tried it’s best to become one of the major powers of the world. It has started manufacturing everything on its own right.

It is being said that after this Century which is said to be of United States of America. The next Century is said of China. India is also hardworking for becoming the super power like United States of America and China. Much of Asian natural resources often captivated the attention of European explorers and voyage makers in the past. The trading between the countries is done through the famous Silk Road which passes from Pakistan and China also. Straits of Malacca prove to best route for trading. Silk Road was also built in the ancient times however now it has been modernized by making a road. Many of the global religions have also originated from Asia such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism etc. Mainly, Asia has different regions which have unique cultures, architecture, economies, ethnic groups, historical ties and governments. Cuisine of Asia is also different depending on the type of region. You can search for the PIA Ticket Price for going to different countries in Asia.

There are many of the beautiful countries in Asia. Some of them are Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam and Laos etc. Tourists from several regions of the world specially come for the purpose of traveling and tourism to the countries of Asia.

Lets us talk about some countries which lies in the regions of the Asia.

1. Japan

Japan is also a city which is also a greater economic power. After the end of World War II, it was devastated by United States of America after dropping two atom bombs on its cities named Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The nation developed the country very rapidly. Tokyo became a global center. Many of the national and international companies are headquartered in Japan. It is our suggestion that you must spend some time doing tourism and recreation in Japan. There are numerous tourist attraction sites in Japan.

2. China

China is another great country. It is one of the largest countries in the world. There are lots of cities there however China is the biggest country of the world in terms of population. One of the most popular tourist attraction sites is Great Wall of China. Some of the portions of the Great Wall remain firm while other ones have been destroyed. There are also other cultural attractions in China. Guangzhou is a major city. Many of the people also arrive in this city just for seeing for the attraction sites of Guangzhou.

3. Pakistan

Pakistan is a major country in Asia. It is located on the cross roads of the world. Pakistan is sixth largest country in terms of population. It is the only Muslim country to be armed as the nuclear weapon state. There are many beautiful regions in the country especially the Northern Highlands. The country receives lot of national and international tourists. Many of them go to the Northern Highlands because of the captivating landscapes which draw the attention of the visitors. Indian Ocean lies on the south of the Pakistan. On the north side of Pakistan there lays China, on the east to India, Afghanistan and Iran to west. Pakistan has friendly relations with all neighbors except Pakistan. If you want to travel to some of the biggest cities in Pakistan then you can do Serene Air Online Booking.

4. Singapore

Singapore is the city state and it has its own government. Singapore was former British colony however it came under the occupation of Japan in the World War II however after the defeat Singapore luckily got independence from the British however it joined Federation of Malaysia for two years but due to differences in ideology, it became independent from the Malaysia. The city is number 1 tourist destination in Asia and attracts global visitors. Many of the different people have come from their home countries to settle in the country of Singapore. The country is the cultural capital of Asia. Government of Singapore has eased the visa policy for immigration to the Singapore therefore it is easy for people who want to immigrate can easily go to Singapore.

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