The Interfaith Harmony Conference

May 7, 2019 social 1327

PESHAWAR: The Interfaith Harmony Conference a great initiative by Auqaf, Hajj, Religious and Minority Affairs Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.I am a proud Pakistani Hindu and I love my beloved Pakistan from the depth of my heart. My community has a strong affiliation and close association with Pakistan as this is the land where we and our ancestors were born. History of our South Asia has unfortunately witnessed many violent acts conducted in the name of faith. The number of studies on "interfaith peace & harmony" is therefore promisingly growing in our region. My biggest motivation in this conference is that such conferences help different religions come together forgetting their differences and create unity. These conferences create unity in diversity because interfaith discussions do not aim to change the ideas of people about their religions or faiths, but seek to find common ground between religions, to focus on communities, and through an emphasis on harmony and peace, find solutions to many of our common problems. It was a great experience and golden opportunity for me to participate with platform of Dream Pakistan. I have attended so many cultural, religions programes, human and minorities rights sessions and training it is first time to participate in national level inter Faith Harmony conference in KPK with the mediation of Dream Pakistan


I belong to the Hindu community of Pakistan which is considered the larges religious community in Pakistan with maximum number of practicing Hindus especially in the areas of Sindh, South Punjab and KPK. As compare to other religious communities (including Christians, Sikhs, Parsi etc.), we are badly in need of interfaith harmony between Pakistani Muslims & Hindus in order to reduce the ancient misunderstandings.This is pertinent to mention here that Pakistan is one of the most tolerant countries in the world where general public has a very harmonious attitude towards minorities. However, to remove/ reduce sectarian violence and religious extremism, we must need such inter Faith Harmony conferences and dialogs that highlight the need of unity, love and peace between all religious communities in Pakistan.


I got a best opportunity to learn more and more about interfaith peace and harmony through this conference and will share my findings with my community members in order to educate them as well. Being a responsible citizen of Pakistan it is my duties how to live peacefully in society. Inter-Faith Harmony is an important idea in a multi-religion society. There should be well managed arrangements for religious co-existence in all parts of the globe. It is the reason in which the thought of Inter-Faith Harmony has achieved an immense significance in the background of societal, religious and financial state of affairs of Pakistan. Many global actions those have occurred in previous years, have bound the religious leaders to look for a few new ways and tools to support Inter-Faith Harmony. The terrorist-activities and some other inhuman attacks all over the globe have shaken the societies. Under this situation, it is necessary for the supporters of all faiths to implement the strategy of tolerance, peace, patience and Inter-Faith Harmony. Such opportunity and occasion is not find easily.When i was 12years my Father participated in that such activities, religions and inter Faith Harmony conference it was my Dream to be a part of such conferences now Dream Pakistan made my Dream ture. 

Once again I'm thankful(دھنیواد) of Dream Pakistan they give me a chance to be a part of Dream Pakistan.

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