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MITHI: The educationalists, rights activists, government officials and people from different walks of life lauding the efforts of the organizers of Thar Education Festival urged them to step together to encourage the talented students of the desert district so that they could compete at every level like the youth of the rest of the country.


The distinguished national professor, Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry, speaking during the session on the education system said such activities were the need of the our to educate and guide the students taking the keen interest in Science and Maths and other related subjects in the backward areas like Thar.

He said that students of the region had great talent and the recent tendency among the youngsters to take part in the competitive examinations and their subsequent success in their attempts by number of the participants from the remote villages of the desert region was very encouraging for other students. He said Thari students even in the previous decades, when there was no excess to most parts of the region, had also proved themselves as the brilliant students at every level and reached at the top posts of the country.


He said that it was the need of the hour to focus more on such healthy activities in such backward areas to engage and encourage the brilliant youngsters. Mohammad Ibrahim Kumbhar, the chief monitoring officer of Tharparkar district said that they got huge response from both thousands of the students both from government and private schools from every nook and corner of the district participated in the event and showed their brilliance. He said that they would continue to organize such festivals in future to explore the talent of Thari students, who according him, were very active and could play the vital role in the prosperity of the region if given the space and opportunities.
Partab Shivani, the chief of Thar Education Alliance, who played the key role in the organization of the festival in collaboration with district government and various other organizations , speaking on the occasion said that it was matter of the pride for them that they had received the unprecedented response from all the stakeholders including district government and other organizations, when they intended to organize such mega event, after the successful two-day event in the previous year. He said that despite the lack of the required facilities and limited resources, the participants of thousands of the students from across the district was self-explanatory that how talented Thari students were.


He noted it with deep concerns that most of the school buildings not only in the remote villages even in the towns of Thar were not being provided with the modern and basic facilities for smooth schooling, despite the fact that, students of those schools, were ready to excel in every field. Mr Shivani said that on one hand it was matter of the great concern that the literacy among Thari girls was hardly 7 percent but the presence of the girl students with their excellent models was very refreshing and good sign for the future of the region. SSP Thar Abdullah Ahmedyar speaking on the occasion said that such healthy activities and the active participation by the students of Thar region was the need of the hour in the wake transforming Thar region. He said that he was very much impressed by the science models, speeches an other activities of the students during the festival. He said that it was the need of the hour to provide the maximum opportunities to Thari youngsters and such activities would go a long to further encourage the students, who had keenly taken part in the mega event.

Kewal Ram, Doulat Ram , Sanam Noor, Shusheel Malani, Dr Manoj Kumar,and others were among those, who visited 40 stalls installed by the students and spoke during various sessions. The students, who showed their best performances in various activities were also given the shields, certificates and other awards by the organizers and guests of the festival. Earlier, the thousands of the students made the human chain from Kashmir Chowk to the venue to show their solidarity with people of the occupied Kashmir.

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