How to get rid of the bad smell of feet

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Some of us suffer from the problem of bad foot odor, which causes a lot of embarrassment and inconvenience, this problem occurs when sweat sweats remain sweat in the shoes can not evaporate due to wear socks and shoes, which reduces the chances of air access to them

It is very embarrassing when you take off your shoes and find the smell of your feet foul and bad, and become narrower and boredom when it is difficult to get rid of this smell.

So we offer you a number of tips on how to get rid of the bad foot odor altogether.
Many girls may resort to foot moisturizing powder and powder to eliminate the bad smell caused by shoes, but it will not last long. Once you go out and wear your shoes for a long time again you will find it repeated.

Best ways To Get Rid Of Smelly Feet

The treatment of bad foot odor is one of the most common problems among people, which bothers many of them, which upset the public mood and put many people in very embarrassing situations, so we were keen to offer some substances that proved successful in the treatment and disposal of bad foot odor.

We offer you some tips that will help you get rid of the smell of bad feet and annoying without the need for medicines, including:

1. put your feet in warm water with lemon

It is one of the most important methods used to eliminate the bacteria that exist in the foot by soaking the feet for 5-10 minutes a day with warm water and lemon, it helps to eliminate the smell of the feet permanently.

2. Wear cotton socks

Wear cotton socks. It helps absorb sweat and fungi from the feet. It also helps absorb moisture in the feet. This helps prevent bad feet from appearing and does not use nylon stockings. They do not absorb sweat, which helps bacteria grow and produce bad feet.

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3. Sugar: Use sugar to rub the feet to remove dead cells

It is known that fructose sugar absorbs moisture easily so it was used to eliminate the smell of feet so that the feet are rubbed with a mixture of sugar and clean water for 10 minutes to remove dead skin cells and bacteria taking into account the drying of the feet well.

4. Lavender oil kills bacteria

Lavender oil kills bacteria. It also contains antifungal substances that increase the bad smell of the feet. It can be used by mixing five milliliters of it in enough warm water, then soaking the feet for a quarter of an hour to three hours. Effective Recipe is recommended every day or every three days.

5. Sodium Bicarbonate

Soak your feet twice a week with a tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate. It helps to get rid of the smell of the feet.

6. Some tea on your feet

The acid in tea leaves destroys bacteria and reduces sweat. You can do this shower every day.
Pour 3 tablespoons of tea in a liter of hot water. Add 2 liters of cold water and put your feet in this mixture for 15-30 minutes.

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7. The salt to getting rid of the bacteria

Salt has proved very effective in getting rid of the bacteria and eliminating them. Salt works to rest the feet after a hard and tired day. Two tablespoons of salt are placed in warm water. The feet are placed for 20 minutes and can be repeated every day preferably before going to sleep.

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