Why are school children being forced to carry ‘heavy bags’ Peshawar High Court begins investigation

October 12, 2018 education 828

School children of Pakistan are regularly observed conveying extensive school backs which are substantial and difficult to convey for children of such a youthful age.

The Peshawar High Court (PHC) is worried over the issue and has called the head of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Private Schools Authority and in addition secretary Secondary and Elementary Education to talk about the issue.

The request was issued by a two-judge seat involving Justice Qaiser Rashid and Qalandar Ali Khan.

The issue was conveyed to the court by Moamar Jalal, a legal counselor looking for a court request to diminish the heaviness of school packs as they can cause different medical problems in kids.

The case has been documented and the legal advisor is presently looking for the court to arrange the administration to figure an enactment so the issue can be controlled.

With his case, Moamar Jalal displayed a composed letter to class principals by a restorative director of Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, Karachi which cautions about medicinal issues that accompany conveying overwhelming schoolbags.

Different research examines have sufficiently discovered proof that conveying substantial school packs can cause back, neck, and shoulder torment for youthful understudies.

Jalal has likewise specified for his situation that different nations have legitimate laws that disallow schools from compelling youngsters to convey school packs that are heavier than 10% of the kid's weight.

By and large in Pakistan, youngsters need to walk a lot before they achieve school, and the greater part of the occasions, these kids are compelled to convey substantial packs themselves.

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