5 Key Elements to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Good School

February 15, 2020 education 512

Parenting brings a great deal of responsibilities along with lots of happiness. Every parents want the best for their child. Child’s life depends greatly on the decision of parents. Selecting the right school is one of the most important decisions that they make. This decision is vital because it lays strong foundation which pulls him/her on a lifelong learning path. Always review different schools and then identify the ones most important to you. 

While selecting school for your child, school management plays a vital role. It shows complete picture of the educational system. Parent access, artificial intelligence integration, test and selection criteria, attendance and timetable management, fee tracking and many more, all these come under school management system features. In other words, we can say these are the pillars of schools.

Choosing a good school for your child is a big decision and can easily become overwhelming. There are many factors and variables which should be considered while making the decisions for school. After all the decisions you make early on have a great impact later. There are few elements that parents should focus while selecting school for their child.

1- Goals and direction of school:

An attribute of a good school is the existence of goals and direction. According to a research a successful school principle constructs goals actively and then communicates them effectively to appropriate individuals, e.g. students, parents etc. A good school always provides right direction and give chance parents to interact to communicate goals.

2- Organized and secure schools:

Always focus on the security and organization while selecting school. Students need to feel secure for maximum learning to occur. Respect is one quality that is promoted and is a fundamental aspect of safe and effective school. A good school has a number of trained staff and programs.

3- The curriculum and extra-curricular activities:

The curriculum does not refer to books and notebooks only. In fact, refers to the totality of experiences of students during the educational process. The curriculum of good school is child-centric with focus on learning and practice the core subject skills and life skills also. Life skills includes conversation skills, thinking skills, personality development etc. check what type of extra-curricular activities are offered by school.

4- Location and timing:

Another most important element is the location and timing of school. The school should not be so far from your home. The location should be accessible easily. Keeping in mind the child’s safety. He/she should not spend a long time in travelling for school.

5- Quality of teachers and management:

The key element for selecting a good school is quality of teacher and management. The school should have quality of education, well-qualified and dynamic teachers. Moreover, the good school management spends a great deal of time, energy and resources to provide training. These training programs are to update the knowledge and upgrade the skills of students and teachers.


By keeping these element under your sleeve, you will select the perfect and intelligent choice for your child. Moreover, academic reputation of teachers and school matters a lot. You have to visit the school and speak to staff and teachers, before final decision.

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