Cultures without borders In the globalized world

March 31, 2019 cultural 708

"Cultures are beauty, the persons with several cultures looks like a bouquet of various flowers" Huma

And when we talk about cultures without borders, I must say cultures have no borders, culture is a system of shared beliefs or instincts, the artifacts of culture are religion, language, dress and food and about borders they are inherently geographical.

In entire history of globalization entire humanity faced two big threats of world wars,
But culture is the ingredient which shows us to two men shaking hands instead of holding guns.
The concept of culture energize the essence and of social behavior and norms found in human society.
Borders just collapsing the geographical aspects but cultures enhance the every single individual.
The culture we produce in its absolutely widest sense come out of specific geographical spaces but also transects them,

"nothing is more delicious to taste cultures" Huma

After addressing above points I found culture as the most essential tool for the most lawful human survival
by: Comrade Huma Abbasi

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