Animals also endure pain

December 31, 2018 columns 1902

The way we human have a breath, animals also have a breath. The way we have families to love, animals also have families to love. Like we endure pain, animals also endure pain.

But the society in which we live, the animals are just like machines which are just here to give advantage; animals are behaved like non living object. People show no any realization in terms of animals and their care. People behave with animals very remorselessly. I see that people beat their domestic animals with sticks, they don't care animals, they hit the cats/dogs with every solid object in their hands. Whenever I see that types of people I just think that, are they human? Why they don't realize that animals also endure pain?

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This worst activity is at its peak in illiterate and uneducated villages. When I went to one village which is full of illiterate people I experienced this unlikable activity:

One cat entered the room of one person I started to love that cat because that cat was so cute but a person of that village saw that cat and hit the cat with hard stone and  that cat bleeded and tears came in my eyes to see that cat with blood.

And I complained to that person that you are human but an activity you have done now doesn’t determine your humanity. So my mean of saying that people don’t care animals.

I experienced another remorseless death of one cat: A  cat with her kids was crossing the road then unfortunately one bike crossed upon that cat and that cat got dead and that person on bike even didn't turn back to see the condition of cat. And I saw that her kids were weeping to see that mother’s dead body. At that time I have got tears in my eyes and broken from inside to see those kids.

People say that these animals spread disease so they can’t touch the animals. Yes these animals can spread the disease but it doesn’t means you kill the animals or beat the animals with stick. I just want to say that if you can’t touch the animals then please don’t hurt animals at least; don’t treat animals cruely.

I hate that types of people who treat animals like this. I really love animals. I can’t see any animal with pain. I have two cats in my home to whom I really love. And there is one my uncle whose home looks like “Chidya Ghar” because he feeds many animals like cats, dogs, goats, tortoise, frogs and cows. He loves animals so much. Means there are many people in this word who are very longing to domesticate animals , who love animals very much, who realize the feelings of animals.

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I have a request to people that don't hurt animals anymore; they also have kids, mother, father and families; they also endure pain; they have feelings too; they also get tears in their eyes to see the member of their family in pain.

So please stop hurting animals and start to love animals; if you see the animals in pain then please get them toward doctor for treatment.

Thank You

Amit Sukhani | Columnist

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  • Rawal Kumar
    December 31, 2018

    Rawal Kumar

    Concur with your arguments. Actually now humanity is died in every way. People have an other kind of animal in them which plays its role. Animals have same soul as we have, same breath as we have, also have emotions but unfortunately cant showed by them. They have tongues even they cant talk. What differ them from us.?? just body and mind. They have different body and mind from us. We have great kind of mind unfortunately we use it like an animal.


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