Side Effects of Medicines

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The doctor prescribes us medicines to relieve the pain, prevent us from serious problems, etc. Medications help us to deal with physical injuries or even mental health issues. But sometimes, we take medications for a long time, and here, the chance of side effects rises. 


A side effect of the medicine is an unwanted cause in your body. A recent survey shows that around 23 million people have been affected by their medications every year. Few cases were reported that caused the death. 


We can see how a cold remedy also has a side effect to make you sleepy. Sinus decongestant also increases your heart rate, and some other medicines also do the same or even cause serious physical issues. 


Prescription and Complementary Medicines 


Doctors often prescribe some medicine to their patients, but they often suffer from allergies. Many cases have been reported about the side effects of prescription medicines. The most common reaction is skin rashes that can leave red marks. 


It is also a possibility that a patient also takes other medicines along with the prescribed dose. Intake of such medicines at the same time can make them interact with each other and cause a serious problem. 


Do you also believe that complementary medicines come from natural sources and there will be no reaction? 

According to the best medical specialist in Islamabad, we should not believe in Myths but look for the truth. 


Herbal remedies cause unwanted side effects because they can also leave powerful impacts on our bodies. For example, a pregnant woman should avoid the feverfew as it can result in abortion instantly. 


When We Are At High Risks Of Side Effects?


People often ignore the pieces of advice and put their health at risk. How?

Complementary and prescription medicines can cause an immediate and strong reaction in the body. When a person takes both medicines at the same time, it increases the risk of side effects. 


It also depends on the ingredients of the medicines. If both contain the same ingredients then they will work in the same way. In cases, they have different ingredients. It may cause serious health issues or affect you any internal or external organ. 


Some complementary medicines are strong that makes prescription medicine less effective. 

Alcohol consumption with medicines brings some serious health issues. When you take the medicine with alcohol with some sleeping pills, it will cause dizziness. Antibiotics usage with alcohol consumption can make your stomach upset and cause irregular heartbeat. 


How to Deal With Side Effects of Medicines?


There are different ways, including:


Discuss with Your Doctor


A patient should not only take the medicines from the doctor but also need to ask about potential side effects. You will come to know what side effects are expected, what will go away after some time, etc.

If you have been experiencing any side effect, discuss with your doctor. Your medical specialist will change your medication timing or dose. Doctors often prescribe the dose with other drugs, including anti-nausea, etc. 


Not only medicines can cause side effects but also other factors too. The medical specialist says that intake of unhealthy food or alcohol consumption is the most common factor which causes serious health issues. 


For example, blood thinners drugs will not work if you focus on the intake of Vitamin K rich food. Some medications cause skin allergy, so it will be a good option to avoid sun exposure. 


The most important way to avoid medicines' side effect risks is to think about yourself first and the alternative solution. It might be possible that some dose can increase the chances of your death. It is up to you how you research your medicines and bring a more reliable solution to the table. If your medicines are affecting your lifestyle and make you miss out on some important life moments, you should go for a better option. 




Experts from Peac General Hospital say that we should read the instructions before taking any medicine. Discussion with your doctor can help you a lot as it also prevents you from risking your life. A medical specialist or pharmacist will also help you change your lifestyle and ask you to get help from a nutritionist.


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