Quarantine and Covid-19 Patients Mental Struggle

July 5, 2020 health 375

Covid-19 is a spreading viral disease which shows the whole the value of weapons and results of neglecting mental growth and health department, after millions of cases patient's are kept in home isolation, in which mostly patients are suffering from mental pressure, there are many social and domestic reasons behind it, in which the main being bullied and pushed far by hate from homies and society, and the depression arises from, here, which is heinous for all ages of patients, almost three months of working on Covid-19 I realised many things and understood the mental conditions of Covid-19 patients, that how people are facing mental loneliness after being hated, and the reason is unreal and mythical knowledge about Covid-19 transmission and safety measures, which cause the negative impacts on mental and physical capabilities of COVID-19 patients, many patients defeats Covid-19 but can't get rid of metal loneliness, and used to avoid society and parents, such patients could defeat corona but couldn't defeat depression, and the only solution is proper and sympathic behavior and proper knowledgment about Covid-19 and not believing unreal myths about Covid-19, it's human nature that human can't live alone human needs the support of human to survive, just be physically away from patients and provide them mental support, in the I would again say that doctors asked to keep patients live alone not to remain alone.

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