5 Vital Facts to Consider When Creating an Online Study Plan

November 19, 2020 education 151

Education in the modern century becomes easy to approach through enhancing flexibilities and features. Now, the digitalized platforms enable students to get online education without any location restrictions. Educational technology like school timetable software, ERP software enables educators to get rid of daily hassles. Modern students are more comfortable with e-learning platforms.

Therefore, for the modern educational institution, it becomes necessary to adopt the E-learning methodologies to move forward. It becomes easy to make an online course and start teaching the students within the online medium. However, creating an effective study plan is crucial to ensure the best outcomes. But one of the main concerns is always about how to design an online study plan that captivates pupils?

Here, this blog comes up with the essential elements that you need to consider to build up an effective study plan.

Factors to Consider When Creating an Online Study Plan

The online study plan refers to the courses you set online for the students. The e-learning courses are often prepared in a short-time period, which not only loses its credibility but also never perfectly targets the audience. Therefore, when creating an online study plan, it is essential to spare time for its design, schedule, and trial periods.

By putting your efforts & investments, you not only gain high ROI but study plan & e-courses helps you to obtain the best following benefits.

  • Enhance Students Performance
  • Organize Study Timings
  • Enables Educators to Focus On the Set Curriculum
  • Streamline e-learning process

However, obtaining these benefits isn’t possible without the essential facts that are discussed below.

1. Type of Online Course:

One of the main facts is always the type of online course you want your students to study. There are various types of online courses, such as short-term skill based courses, degree programs, virtual classes, record-based programs, etc. You need to choose whether the teachers will be LIVE on the screens or the course will be recorded before its execution.

2. Curriculum Design:

The online study plan should be based on the curriculum you design. Remember, the online curriculum is always different from the practical one. Therefore, always set the curriculum according to the online standards. Ensure that your curriculum has an easy to navigate structure. Your student should get familiar with the course topics easily. This is one of the vital elements you need to consider when creating an online study plan.

3. Set Timelines:

Setting timelines is an important aspect of any online course. You should make sure that the students know when it ends before they start. This enables students to pay concentration and spare that particular time before starting the course.

4. Set Flexible Schedule to Achieve Objectives:

Not everyone is capable of taking virtual classes at the same time. Therefore, start with the voting and set a timetable that fits every student's life. This enables educators to get student's attention without any disturbance from the student's side. Remember, the most vital fact you need to consider when creating an online study plan is achieving the overall objectives to ensure success.

5. Add Online MCQs & Assignments:

One of the main facts that often schools & colleges miss is the short online MCQs and assignments. After the completion of each chapter, short based MCQs and assignments are necessary to evaluate the student performance. Therefore, this is one of the essential addition to an online study plan to ensure students' participation & concentration.

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