Festival of Sadhu Bella Temple

June 20, 2019 cultural 1730

Hindu Pilgrims board on a small boat to attend the three-day festival of Shadu Bella Temple, that is located on an Island in Indus River close to Sukkur, in Sindh province of Pakistan.

The temple is claimed to be established in 1823 by Hindu Bankhandi Maharaj, who migrated from Kingdom of Nepal and settled during this a part of Sindh province.

It is believed that the saint spent 40 years worshiping the immortal of food Mata Anporna, who blessed the land with plenteous food.

The saint is revered by the Hindu community throughout Sindh and even in india, attracting an outsized variety of pilgrims from across the border.

But this year was completely different as no pilgrim from india was seen at the festival, apparently, due to visa issues within the wake of renewed hostilities between india and pakistan.

The three-day festival at the temple complete nowadays during which Hindu pilgrims from Sindh and South punjab performed the rituals.

Here are a number of the photographs capturing the colourful festivities of the Hindus, a minority community in Pakistan:



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