Modeling The Role of Youth for Accountability

September 23, 2020 columns 176

Allah nominated the human his vice on earth and bestowed veto to administer over the world. The man by getting power, becomes obsessive, instead to serve for human race, he misuses the grants whatever he has and forgets to give rights to legitimates / weak. The government / administration of any state have authority to serve their people with effective political stability, rule of law through the culture of accountability and good governance. Accountability basically refers to the actor/authoritarians to be justified about their conduct. It creates novel methods to deal with the malpractices in government and private institutions. Accountability and authority are interrelated terms. The authorities avoid accountability process to be remain unpunished. This mechanism defines that the power is being used irresponsibly and improperly.

Accountability strengthens democratic system. Like we can bring transparency in local or national electoral process by the empowerment of woman and transgender  and man uniformity so the process will be free and fair. Similarly, for justice system it divides the rights equally and break down the central power or monopoly of specific group / family. If in police, it maintains public trust to cope up with militant wings and black sheeps. For independent and liable media, it dilutes the coercion power and political influence to create mess through mal, miss and disinformation among audience.

A study by United Nations stated that almost half of the global population is younger than 25 years. They are change agents to gain long term benefits for accountability mechanisms, they may involve in effective policy making and planning, budgeting and program management, greater awareness and aspirations from greater advocacy and participation. Moreover, high civic participation should be adapted so we shall avail transparency and right to information. Because 90% of youth live in young democracies and has potential to participate against policies that harm their rights and equality. For this purpose, networks of youth advocates and youth-led organizations should monitor and review the actions taken by state. 

    By developing social skills, expanding youth networks and enhancing their exposure in governance may raise accountability and transparency. Furthermore, universities` youth societies are helpful practices. They can initiate capacity building to counter malpractices. Young people must be provided access to monitoring of public funds / budget and must be encouraged to check the facts as utilization of funds and performance. They can report about unsatisfactory service to the related institution. Furthermore, they may be provided opportunity to interact directly to their respective MNA or MPA.

On the other hand, by enabling young people leadership and conflict management to interact via different forums as U-Report national, they can actively participate in governance activities. They may also be encouraged to voluntarily participation and social engagement. Along with right to information, our majority of literate young population may raise questions regarding the wrong conducts by the regime. 

Despite mistrust and inquiries, they must be systematically hired for exclusive positions in Finance, health, education sectors to bring the changes by innovative policy making above all the political affiliations.Particularly in Pakistan, citizen’s portal is an effective digital tool to mark transparency because the major tranche of population depends on young people which means there is more likely to engage citizens for accountability process. 

A study by Dawn Newspaper Pakistan stated that the country has declined in three spots on corruption price index. it indicates that there Will be more unemployment, crimes, poverty and economic exploitation. Consequently, Pakistan needs it’s young population to come forward for making a better transparent state. Not only this but also accountability drive be across the board. For this the whistle blower must be Provided safety. If the young Pakistani will be enforced hence, it will hike the Transparency and reduction in corruption.

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