Unemployment of Youth Unraveling the Dilemma

September 29, 2020 business 246

After getting sixteen or fourteen years of formal education, every person has dreams and aspiration to excel in their desired field. It was told to every one of us that life will be much easier after the phase of education. But the dreams shatter the very moment when the struggle for the job hunt starts. The number of applicants applying for the job are many folds greater than the available vacancies either it is a public sector or private sector. Then the struggle continues and one can only apply and dream of getting that job. With passage of time the pressure keeps on increasing family and relatives are continuously inquiring you about the job. The person starts feeling that s/he is a failure. At this point of life, it becomes difficult and embarrassing to ask for pocket money from parents. As the stress increases, the aspirations and demands of the person become very low, now the person is ready to get the job whether it is in the educational domain or not, the remuneration doesn’t matter anymore. But still there is no ray of hope. All the confidence that the education and university life gave starts to fade away. The person starts to hide from relatives because they will see him/her as a failure and to protect him/her from the pinching questions. This vicious cycle causes several social, economic, and psychological problems for the person facing this menace of unemployment.


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According to UNDP, Pakistan’s 64% population is less than 30 years of age. A large number of students graduate every year and add themselves to the pool of unemployed youth. Due to less availability of jobs and stagnant growth of industrial sector, economic opportunities are shrinking while the manpower is increasing. This gap of demand and supply is causing a massive unemployment in the country. The current unemployment rate is 6% and the most effected segment is the youth. It is one of the most serious problem faced by the youth of Pakistan. Instead of adding to the dwindling economy of Pakistan this unemployed youth is becoming a burden on the economy and this youth bulge is becoming a serious challenge for the policy makers. If this problem is not catered in timely and efficient manner then it will cause a trickle-down effect which will cause the degeneration of the social fabric of Pakistan.


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To solve the problem of unemployment a comprehensive national action plan is required. The need of the time is to exploit this massive youth for development of Pakistan by implementing the efficient policies. Firstly, embracing the information technology is the need of hour. The programs like E-rozgar should be implemented throughout Pakistan. IT has a massive potential globally and it can bring massive amount of remittances to Pakistan while solving the problem of unemployment with the convenience of working from home. Secondly, the three E strategy for youth: Employment, Engagement, Empowerment. This means by creating an atmosphere in which there are enough opportunities for youth and engaging the youth in the policy making for their future. Also, empowering them to take control of their life and letting them choose the field they like. Lastly, there is a dire need to introduce the atmosphere of entrepreneurship in Pakistan, it will not only bring economic activities but also cater the menace of unemployment. In a nutshell, unemployment is a serious problem for the youth in Pakistan which is causing serious economic, psychological and social problems and needs immediate attention by those who are in the helm of power. However, by adopting efficient strategies this weakness can be converted into strength.

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