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Suicide happens when a teen causes his/her own death by person. Now a day’s teen depression and suicide is ruling the teen community as per different concepts. The reasons of depression are many Suicides among young people continue to be a serious problem. Suicide is the second common cause of death for adults and children between the age of 15-24 years old.

The majority of children who attempt suicide mainly have a mental health disorder, usually depression. Mostly suicide attempts are being attempted by younger children. They may be because of feelings of sadness, confusion, anger, or problems with attention. Most teenagers suicide attempts are the cause of self-doubt, pressure to succeed, financial problems, disappointment, and loss. For some teens, they think suicide is the solution to their problems. But it isn’t the truth!

Depression and suicidal feelings are treatable by mental disorders. The child needs to have his or her illness recognized and diagnosed, and should be treated with a treatment plan. Thoughts about suicide and suicide attempts are often because of with depression. In addition to depression, other risk factors include:
• aggressive or disruptive behavior
• bullying
• feelings of hopelessness or helplessness
• loss
• Rejection

Children thinking to suicide may make openly suicidal dialogues or comments such as,

"God! Why me I wish I was dead" or "I won't be a problem for you much longer."

Suicide is the serious health and mental problem as it is currently the third headmost cause of death for teenagers. Depression, which is also a serious problem for a person is the most psychological risk factor for teen suicide. Alcohol use remains extremely widespread among today’s teenagers and is related to both suicidality and depression. Therefore, it is upon researchers to identify the factors that can lead to prevention among today’s youth about depression.

The prevention of suicidality is critical, especially during the early school years, when it is associated with depression, depression and Suicide are two noticeably things increasing in today’s society. According to rough knockdown, it is said that about 27% of teenage kids have been consumed into depression, of which 16% are found to be girls and 11% are boys.

Young people who are thinking about suicide may also stop planning for their future or talking about their future. They may begin to give away important possessions. People often feel uncomfortable talking about suicide. However, we should ask our children if he or she is depressed or thinking about suicide can be easy to cope them up as per:
• Are you depressed or feeling sad?
• Are you thinking to kill yourself or thinking to hurt yourself?
• Never have you ever thought to hurt or kill yourself anytime?

Rather than putting thoughts in our child's head, these questions will provide sure thing to our child’s head that somebody cares about them and will give our child the chance to talk about problems.
Parents, teachers, and friends should always be on the side of caution and safety. Any child or with suicidal thoughts or plans should immediately be by a trained and qualified mental health professional. It would help that family to be safe from the upcoming harm of their child which he or she was planning to do.

Many factors increase the risk of developing or sparking teen depression, including; Having issues that negatively impact dignity, such as chunkiness, long-term bullying or problem at school or home or many other activities. You have been the victim or witness of violence, such as sexual or physical abuse. This may harm the mind of a child and make it lead to a sad mind state and being a miserable child can also effect.

Person who is in a status of depression, as he lost his impulse and energy to function in daily life. Such a thing may be due to many different reasons a person’s various levels, for example, negative thinking patterns such as, “I don’t deserve to be alive, I don’t deserve to in this world” or “not for what, as it is dead end.” Once listed depression, he asks us to form and language, to stop everything, get into bed and do think in order to patch, and build up the joy of living life. The hope ends in one’s life and he or she feels to end the pain and thinks the only solution left to cope the depression is “Suicide”.

Which is totally not a thing to do at that certain point that person needs a helper to help him cope the mess he or she has created in his or her mind.Conclusion of the basic is that Suicide is not the solution of depression and if you feel like getting drowned under your mind set than you may consult a doctor.

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