Temple in Islamabad Global Perception and Our National Behavior Towards Extremism

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Temple in Islamabad; global perception and our national behaviour towards extremism 

Extremism is known as being rigid, inflexible and being intolerant in perception, thoughts, opinion and believe against other religions and communities. Muslims are observed as extremist and conservative globally, at majority.

It is very hot issue circulating now a day in the news that comes to sight, is that opposing of Muslims to the building of the Hindus temple in Islamabad. The 20,000 square feet plot in H-9/2 was allotted to Hindu Panchayat by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) in 2017 on the orders of the National Commission for Human Rights. When it came the matter to build the building of the temple the Muslim community started backlashing it and protested against it. Religious Affairs Minister Pir Noorul Haq Qadri assured the Hindu Panchayat that the government would bear the cost of the construction which is currently estimated at Rs100 million (Dawn; Jun 24,2020).

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has disposed of three separate petitions against the construction of a Hindu temple in Islamabad, putting an end to the controversy for now. The objections were mainly over the allotment of land, which were dismissed by IHC Justice Aamer Farooq on Tuesday July 7,2020.

In its verdict, the court observed that the construction of a place of worship requires mandatory approval from the Capital Development Authority (CDA), which was not obtained in this case, due to which the construction was halted soon after the groundbreaking ceremony. The construction activity was stopped until a formal approval for the building was issued, the CDA counsel said. (Gulf News; July 8, 2020)


Gulf News


The global critics show in evidence that the Muslim invaders fought wars against non-Muslims. They are thought to be warriors and war lovers especially after 9/11 incident and before that the implicit heroes of war against USSR’s invasion in Afghanistan.

In the month of march of this year, the volunteers were distributing ration in Karachi city of Pakistan to help the victim of pandemic of corona. During the distribution of ration and other aids, resident of the ‘Delhi Colony’ refused to Take the ration on the basis of the distributors belonged to ‘Ahmadiyya’ community. The non-Muslim part of the world perceives the Muslims to be reluctant in accepting the rights of women and minority.

Their claim is acceptable to a large context.

The recent happeningoccurred in Peshawar is that a Christian is shot and dead in Peshawar for the reason he bought a house to live, in Muslim abundant area which religion allows to do so.

“Ideologies are not defeated by guns, but by new ideas” President Obama



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They are perceived that they don’t tolerate other religions to preach. They don’t value religion differences. A perception found about them is that they consider their religion as superior to that of the others. As a nation, we are too contributing to this school of thoughts.


The other occurrence that strengthens the thoughts of inhuman background of the Muslims is that a Shia community member (considered as Non-Muslims, not by statutory) has been refused for receiving plasma by a recovered patient, for the treatment against the Covid 19.


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Another example is the resignation of member of economic advisory council to Imran Khan’s government who is an economics’ professor in Preston university after the public protested against him alleging him as Ahmadiyya (Qadiani) community member. Despite no ban on such minority competent person to serve the country, PM Imran Khan rolled his decision back. The other justifying stances are the allegation of a leader of religious party over PM Imran khan as anti-Muslim and an agent to make him defame and unpopular in the nation targeting the extremist aspect of the society.


Pakistani former cricket player ‘Danish kaneria’ remonstrates and quotes that


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They are perceived as they hate science. Yes, still there are people who disbelieve in weather forecast claiming that as an unseen knowledge. Same is for, to know about the gender of unborn baby in the womb of the mother and even some people has a very different view about undetectable illness like psychiatric illness as ‘Jinn’ and other soul illness. They turn to exorcise and other religious rituals instead of having proper medical investigation and treatment. Another example of Muslims disbelieve in sciences is that the clashes exist over the sighting of crescent in the holy month of ‘Ramadhan’.


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Regarding to the rights of the women they witness that the women are bound to the walls of the houses. They are deprived of the basic rights of education, employment, expression of interest specially in marriage issue, health and social work. Women are not authorised to interfere into marriage decision. They cannot marry to a person they live and like. If they do so they are then assassinated and sentenced to death which is called ‘killing for honour ‘. Same cases have been reported when a girl flees away of her home with her lover for marriage, even after the verdict of the jury designed to resolve the case.

The role of the youths in resolving the problems stated above, is inevitable. The youths should to have young leadership to convey the other side of the picture to the other parts of the world. The young leaders should to stage and participate in global conferences, meetings and social activities to create a positive position in the mind of the opponents. Youths from Muslim and non-Muslim Community have to create a culture of peace and tolerance and, are to avoid such actions that are causing the provoking of such deeds. They are supposed, neither to be a part of such conflicts and nor to allow their sibling to participate in such activities. Youths from both the non-Muslim and Muslim community, have to educate their families to respect the opposite faith and religion. It will create an environment of peace and tolerance and none will dare to contempt the other religion(s).

The youths belonging to different ethnicity and religion must have a committee to have a good coordination and communication to uproot all the misconception and prejudices. The problems are to be resolved by the speeding massive education to masses to create awareness, to adopt real democracy where everyone has the right to live anywhere and ask for their right. The youths of non-Muslim communities must oppose their fellow non-Muslims who are rude to Islam and same is to be exercised by Muslim youths. Both the sects, Muslim and non-Muslims must have to be on one platform and agreed upon mutual respect and freedom. Each sect has to punish their fellows if they disgrace and disrespect other sect to stop others from doing so.

There are political parties which create an environment of unrest to get maximum vote because they target the ‘Pathos’, emotion, sympathy and associability of the voters. The youths should to point them out and refuse to vote them for the reason they are based on religious differences rather than manifesto, performance and vision. When such parties come to government they discriminate and cruel to opposite sects to get their voters satisfied and enlarge their vote bank.

The problems of women empowerment are tried to be tackle by different NGOs, INGOs, UN, Human rights activist, Government of Pakistan and other social activist. They reach the society and making them educating through workshops, seminars and other ways of awareness. Women are given rights and government allows women to participate in sports and culture, education, employment even politics to work for and encourage the Women.

The best example is set by five sisters who qualified for CSS examination the most prestigious and competitive exam for both males and females.

 So it concluded that the world perceives us as we react, and behave as a nation, but here it is essential to say that it is not only the Muslims who have to change their behaviour, the non-Muslim part of the world too have to cooperate in this. They too have to respect the Muslims’ divinity if that is their holy book, their prophet or other religious intellectuals.

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