Some Effective Communication Tips For Job Seekers

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In your interview focus on establishing a good rapport with your interviewer. Effective communication in a job interview is essential to your success.

During The Interview:

  • Answer all questions honestly and be honest, but in the most positive light possible.
  • Feel free to ask for clarification before answering a question. Take time to formulate answers.
  • Respond appropriately in a conversational tone but avoid over-communicating.
  • Reinforce ability to communicate effectively by speaking clearly and avoiding “um”, “you know”, “like”, and other slang terms.
  • Remember to listen actively. A good interview is a two way conversation that flows both ways.
  • Interviewers most often gauge your interest level by the questions you ask or don’t ask.
  • This is an opportunity to ask any questions regarding job responsibilities and the organization.
  • Have a couple of polite conversational-type remarks ready for this small talk phase, for example comment positively on the building or surroundings.


  • “Is there anything on my resume that you would like me to elaborate on?”
  • “What do you see as the biggest challenge in this position?”
  • “In your opinion, what are the key personality traits necessary to be successful in this position?”
  • “What are the long term goals for the company?”
  • “Is there growth potential in this position?”

Best Job Interview Tips

  • Successful interview communication starts from that moment when you enter in the company. Make the right impression from the start.
  • Good interview preparation is the day before your interview it helps to build your confidence.
  • Confidence is an major part of successful job interview.
  • Closing the interview is key to getting the job. Using the right closing statements leaves a positive impression with the interviewer.
  • Good communication includes asking pertinent and thoughtful questions in your interview.
  • Prepare a list of questions to ask the interviewer.

After The Interview:

  • Take some notes regarding the interview so specific details of the job requirements, qualifications and any question can be asked.
  • Leave a favorable last impression with the company by saying a thank you.
  • Make a phone call to recruiter and discuss the interview status.

A note of appreciation should include:

  • The correct spelling of the interviewer’s name and title
  • Appreciation of the interviewer’s attention and time
  • Allude to the interest in the position and personal ability to achieve success
  • Finalize by expressing interest in speaking with the employer in the near future

Be prepared for an offer! Contact references in advance to verify an affirmative conversation.

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