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A supports man warm up his blood by recede, revert and return (according to Iqbal). Unlike Cricket, Football and other traditional supports like Kushti, Kabadi, Malh, Guli Danda or Gatka, Gymnastic is very difficult and unique supports game. In this supports an athlete performs with danger to his life and amuse the onlookers. The peoples of the remote areas assume this supports game as a magic. But infect this is a real supports game and after the hard exercise of several years, an athlete got proficiency.     

Darshan Ram Mangi, a young athlete, resident of Aman Garh, outskirts of District Rahim Yar Khan, fell in passion to got proficiency in gymnastics. On the eve of Rohi Mella in 2007, Darshan Ram impressed by the performance of a legendary athlete of Rahim Yar Khan Mr. Mian Zahid, and got aspiration. He requested to Mian Zahid for provision of training to get proficiency in this magical supports game. Master Mr. Mian Zahid tried to convince his for not joining this difficult supports game. “O my son! Gymnastic is very difficult game and further more it has no scope like Cricket”, said the Master. “Most of the athletes during the training got disappointed and leave the Club”. But observing his passion and intent of determination, Master decided to espouse him as pupil. Darshan Ram thanked for Master and expressed his dream to delight the name of his Country.

In the king supervision of Master, Darshan Ram Mangi acquired the proficiency in all stages of the Game, with passion and hard work. He went to public ceremonies, performed the amazing art and received appreciation from people. In the cultural and traditional festivals, he performed without remuneration. Soon, he got familiar and began perform in Public Congregations. He gave reception to the guests by his performance with melodies of National Songs.

He established Kabeer Gymnastic Club in Aman Garh, and trained 25 youngsters. On the eve of Holi Milan Party, in Cholistan, for his amazing performance, Darshan was awarded Rs. 10,000/- by than DCO Rahim Yar Khan Ahmed Javed Qazi and than DPO Sohail Habib Tajik. DCO Suqrat Aman Rana, MNA Javed Iqbal Warraich and ex-MNA Mian Imtiaz Ahmed were also appreciated the performance of Darshan.

He performed in several festivals in Rahim Yar Khan, Derawar, Kot Mithan, Rajan Pur, Bahawal Pur, Multan, Lahore and Islamabad and awarded with numbers of Awards, Shields, Medals, Trophies and Appreciation Letters. He continued his study and on the time of his death he was student of third year in Khawaja Farid College Rahim Yar Khan. From the platform of his College his took part in the Gymnastic, Karate, Boxing, Race, Body building and Cycle Race competitions and got ever first position at district and division level.

On 9th August 2018, his Master Mr. Mian Zahid Called and said him to prepare for participation in Punjab Championship being held on 11th  and 14th August 2018, in Lahore. Master urged him to prove himself on the National and it was the opportunity of Darshan to qualify for Olympics. Darshan was very exited after hear about the chance for participation in Olympics. His dream of performing on Olympics was likely near to come true. But alas! It could never happen. 

On the occasion of Minority Day, 11th of August 2018 in Lahore, Darshan Ram amazed the viewers and participant athletes by his amazing acrobatics. He jounced in the air, revolved his body and finally stood on his feet. When he was receiving a lot acclamation from viewers, suddenly, he victimized by an evil eye. Perhaps, it was the assent of God. Darshan jounced in the air and jumped approximately 20 feet high. He revolved his body once, tried twice, but can’t, and fell on the earth like insensate. Master ran to him and asked him to recover. But Darshan was paralyzed. Due to severe bruise, he could not make move.

Darshan Ram was admitted to Mio Hospital Lahore where he hospitalized for 10 days, but due to meagerness of proper treatment, he could not recover and lost his life. Father of Darshan, Jeeram Das Mangi mourned and said

"he was deprived from assistance of his old age. I could see the longings in the eyes of my son, and dying dreams of my son on the death bed”, Jeeram das mourned.

He appealed to Government, NGO’s and donors for the treatment of Darshan, but all in vain. If the arrangements were made for the treatment in abroad, Darshan Ram Mangi may survive. On 20th of August, when evening was prevailing, Darshan Ram lost his life. The midair of Aman Garh was completely afflicted, when the dead body of Darshan was arrived. The gymnastic team of youngsters offered tribute with Pakistani flag and slogan “Pakistan zinda bad”. All Medals, Awards, Trophies and other achievements were placed beside the body of Darshan Ram Mangi. Every person was saying with tears “Ae Desh Bhagt Tujhy Purnam”. Mother of Darshan Ram mourned and said,

“My son sacrificed on homeland on the eve of Independence Day, and will commemorate as Amarveer (martyr), and his memories will alive ever”.

Darshan Ram was buried at historical place Pattan Minara in minority graveyard. But alas! No one from Government officials and political representative was participated in the funeral ceremony of Darsham Ram. People of the area including Muslims came for condolence. Swaging flag of Pakistan on his grave was the uttermost wish of Darshan Ram.

We appeal to the Prime Minister of Pakistan that keeping in view the services of Darshan Ram (late) for the homeland, Supports and Culture Minority Award, Presidential Award and Pride of Performance Award should be announced. 

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  • Aamir Abbasi
    October 24, 2018

    Aamir Abbasi

    We love you darshan. Will miss you always. You are pride of Pakistan. Rest In Peace


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