A unique Pakistani pencil artist Waqas Ahmed Shaiq

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A unique Pakistani pencil artist Waqas Ahmed Shaiq had an honour beyond his expectation recently, when he found his name among ‘world’s top ten exceptional pencil artists around the world’.

“It is like dream come true that I was instrumental in highighting the name of my motherland with reference to pencil work,” quipped the extrmely happy Shaiq during chat with The News here.

The website: www.topteny.com each year comes up with names of top artists in various fields that also include young ones and this time, it was Shaiq’s turn to be among those young fellows.

About the style and quality of Shaiq’s work, the website states, “he is a Pakistani artist. What makes him unique among many other artists and painters is that he can transform your image and visage into a beautiful work of art sharing the beauty inside and outside with A3 sheets of paper and pencils, for as real artist should be, he has the ability to see what lies within. Shaiq not only makes a living out of his sharpened talent and well-earned skills, but he has also had his talent...”

It is pertinent to mention that this newspaper had carried a feature on his work and a short interview about his skills, which he learnt on his own and has never been to any art learning institution.
Shaiq says that the work with charcoal pencil is delicate and risky apparently, as you just can’t use eraser or remover to adjust your art work. “You have to be perfect in line you draw in making an image,” he points out.
He started his art journey while in class five and since then has diversified his skills over the years. He is now in his mid-20s. His parents are extremely happy, who initially were reluctant to allow him to adopt this art as profession.
His work has reached the corridors of power and even in the military as well in recent few years. He has mastered the skill of drawing up facial cantors from images in an elegant way.

Though, he does not feel he is rewarded as much as he deserves while executing an art piece, he insists that his thirst for work is quenched this way.
No other profession has ever appealed him since his school days. His parents had permitted him to adopt pencil art as his profession only after doing graduation at least, which he readily did.
World’s 10th Most Talented Artist Waqas Ahmad Shaiq
O wow… it’s my perfect reflection on the canvass… is it really sketched by you? Seems a picture taken with a digital camera… You have exceptional skills…. These are some of the comments made by people after seeing their own portrait sketched by Waqas Ahmad Shaiq, a God gifted artist, a fun loving human being and a talented entrepreneur. Waqas has made the portraits of national and international head of states and renowned politicians. His attitude towards learning art and painting on canvass pushed him to sit in the company of senior artist at his school age. Waqas never attended any formal session to learn painting and making sketches. He used to discuss with the senior artists around him about making good sketches and kept on practicing at home.

Waqas completed his graduation from University of Punjab, only because of the pressure from his parents, and then started his career as a professional artist. “My parents felt honored during an unveiling ceremony of the six feet portrait of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah at Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad. Everybody in the ceremony surrounded me and my parents in the inaugural hall. That day changed the mind of my parents and they started supporting me in my passion for art” said Shaiq while talking to Engineering Cap.

Do what you love to and get Noticed

Waqas has been recognized at 10th number in the list of “Ten Most Talented Artists around the World” in 2017 and is the only artist in the list from Asia. This selection was made by Topteny which is based in New York. After getting this honor, Nawaz Sharif, the then Prime Minister of Pakistan called on him and congratulated on his marvelous achievement.

Waqas is very much popular figure on social media and have more than hundred thousand followers on facebook alone. He believes that he neither need any government support or a designation nor he has any sort of greed in his mind. Honesty and seriousness to achieve goals are his strengths which led to success. Waqas starts his work on time, be it rain, a storm or any other situation, he reaches at his spot on time and give his maximum to his artwork.

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