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Huma Abbasi here "Age is not concerned with Excellence"
Huma Abbasi is a student of intermediate, a motivational speaker and a trainer at the age of 17 and showing her talent as an RJ on FM 91. 
She is working with more than 50+ organizations at national and international level. Delivered many session at various places like university, villages and institutes etc, Nominated for Pakistan Women Excellency Award, being the youngest participant in most of the premium conference of Pakistan The Young Leaders Conference YLC - The 300 at the age of 16, selected in many national and international delegate in many national events , performed many theatres on early marriages and interfaith harmony at privileges area, selected in more than 20 countries as an international delegate.
A winner internee of
Universal Youth Service Indonesia and pakistan representative in world youth meet New York
Still preforming her duty to enhance her personality and moving her society towards betterment

this is precised sum of my carrier which i crossed in approximately 15 months of my professional activism. Success has nothing to do with your caste, gender, sex, religion or your citizenship etc. It can only be achieved by passion, sincerity and work.
when i Started my carrier as professional i was quite degraded and pushed back that you are quite little, you are weak, you are girl etc you are doing wrong, you are fading your parents respect etc like usual myths and i was quite young that time and i need to make a decision, my academics were quite strong from beginning but i strongly remember that
once i arrived 7 minutes late in my center because i walk a lot to reach my center that time  we were preparing for annual ceremony that time and a teacher who was holding the management of the event and he he said me that i will slap you because you are useless you are a piece of shit infront my all fellows.
I thought now i must have to proof myself that one day no will deny my excellence no matters who knows me or not and another situation happened to me which also turned me to make a change, in my early stage of academics I always feel proud to see youngsters working in activities or activists I requested a volunteer to guide me and he clearly refused that
"I will tell you, never forget it"
and that moment I remained quite I couldn't say anything but just make a mission that one day people like you will run behind me who just work for their ego and fame and yes I did, that teacher still is in shock that how she did this all and he always says to me I cant believe your success. Well they are just few that discussed,
I was selected in a national training from all over pakistan that had to be happened at Lahore when I was of 15 only
how problem was that who will go with me to travel a journey of 19 hours because I had never travelled out of province alone and everyone was stopping my father to allow me and time was still flowing but my father saw passion in my eyes and one day before of the training my father called that huma pack your lagguage that tomorrow you have to leave for Lahore at 7 Pm and I travelled alone 19 hours in all over night in economy class of a train without sleeping a single minute and I had to sit all time because I only got a seat to sit, well the journey goes on I groomed and groomed myself day by day, I focused humanity instead of genders, and the key I always tell for success that,
"just create excellence in yourself people will take out you from your home, because excellence doesnt requires world but the world require excellence."
well My every single day if full of plenty of situations, happening, encouragements, discouragements etc but it doesnt matter what I am but it matters that what have to be done. I always stand with change makers and I always stands with every single lady of the world. I hope you enjoyed all it but sorry that I couldnt summarize all in a story but I only highlighted few.

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